BRETT ASSOCIATES is a Manufacturer's Representative firm founded by Stan Brett in 1969. We specialize in selling physical measurement sensors and related instruments and controls to customers in Washington and Oregon, USA and in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. Our product line includes the following:

Accelerometers Piezoelectric, Servo and Piezoresistive
Data Systems Laboratory and Field/Portable
Data Recorders Disk and Solid State
Filters Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass to 1 MHz
Flowmeters Rotating Turbine
Load Cells Resistance Strain Gage
LVDTs Linear Variable Differential Transformer Position Sensors
Inclinometers Gravity Reference Angle Sensors
Optical Encoders Rotary Position and Velocity Sensors
Portable and Panel Mount Meters Digital Meters for Most Types of Sensors
Pressure Transducers Strain Gage, Capacitive, Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric
Signal Conditioners/Amplifiers Available for Most Types of Sensors
Signal Sources DDS and Rubidium
Strain Gages Metal Foil Resistance Gages
Temperature Sensors Metal Foil Resistance
Triax Inertial Three Accelerometers and Three Rate Sensors
Tilt Sensors Piezoresistive
Torque Sensors Strain Gage

We would be pleased to assist you in selecting products for your application. Our main office is in Seattle, Washington. We also have a branch office in the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area.

Please contact us at:

4210 198th Street SW, Suite 204
Lynnwood, WA 98036

206-284-0704 (Phone)
425-645-8129 (Fax)

Last Updated April 18, 2018